About the Event

The RTTC National 24-Hour Championships is the one that matters. The 2019 event was an opportunity for Mark to test himself against the best in the country and since the best in the UK seem to be the fastest in the World at this discipline, it’s fair to say that this particular competition has significant kudos.

How did Mark perform? You can find out by clicking HERE, but please bear in mind whilst you’re reading through these resources, all the words were actually written before the event took place and we’ve made edits so that the story make sense to you and is in context today. Prior to the event we said:

“He will be riding his own race, dealing with his own demons and using a very well structured nutritional plan (which we’re going to tell you all about), so all we have to say is that we wish him the best of luck!”

Had you been around at the time, you could have followed Mark’s progress blow-by-blow on our Twitter feed at @TORQfitness – his start time was 14:20 on Saturday 20th July (2019).