About 24 hr Racing

We’re sure that for many of us, the concept of racing over a 24-hour period with no sleep seems completely loopy! Well, as crazy as it sounds, it’s actually quite a popular thing and TORQ have a vast amount of experience in advising and coaching athletes to complete these events, primarily in the sport of Mountain Biking. We also attend and sponsor many 12 and 24-hour events, including Twenty Four 12 and TORQ in Your Sleep, which are Mountain Biking  competitions, as well as 24-hour running events like the legendary Thunder Run and Equinox24.

This resource, we hope, will serve as a useful resource to anyone considering entering a 24-hour race, whatever discipline it might be in. There is a level of uniqueness to 24-hour racing on a road bike, the challenge that faced Mark, because of its unique physical and psychological demands. There were no technical off road sections or twists and turns that required quick thinking, which could provide dare we say it, entertainment! This particular discipline requires pure unadulterated long-term focus and suffering – and if you think riding a bike for 24 hours is going to be hard, just consider the notion of racing it in an aero position!

If we can communicate a nutritional plan that serves to fuel the motivations and engine of someone partaking in the most intense form of 24-hour racing there is, it simply has to work for every other discipline. Whatever form of endurance 24-hour competition you’re thinking of undertaking, be it road like Mark, Mountain Biking or running, the principles of Performance Nutrition remain the same. Our plan involves providing all of the necessary nutrients for an optimal performance, but layering the product/food choices in a way that will provide a psychological edge – something that will not just fuel the muscles, but also massage the mind. If we can massage the mind of a 24-hour time trialist, stuck in one position and constantly on the gas for the duration, we can massage your mind for sure!