Ajay Wins Again!

You may remember Ajay Pandit Chhetri from when he visited the UK back in 2011, and gave us all a lesson in how to climb hills. (click here for the full story). Ajay is now back in Nepal, but shows no signs of slowing down, having just raced 2015 TORQ Fuelled Yak Attack.
The Yak Attack is a unique mountain bike stage race, taking place in one of the world most extreme locations, where competitors have to deal with extremes of temperature and altitude, all whilst racing 400km over a staggering 12,000meters of ascent during this 8 day mountain bike stage race. 
TORQ fuelled and tuned Ajay, this year took another win in the race aboard his TORQ Whyte Bike, giving him a total of five 1st place finishes in the event’s 9 year history! Well done Ajay.
Thank you to Sacar Sherchan for the images in this report.