All’s WonderWall

Nick claims 2nd at the iconic 15K running race, which nestles against the length of the “European wall of China” in Ston, Croatia.

The walls of Ston were completed in the 15th century and originally measured more than 7 kilometres (4.3 miles) in length. The wall was originally built to defend the city of Ston, in Dalmatia, part of the Republic of Ragusa, in what is now southern Croatia.

Today, the walls are enjoyed by many tourists, who leisurely amble along its length. Then, once a year, athletes from around the world come to pick up the pace and take part in a Marathon or a 15k race. By far the most popular race is the 15k and Nick joined athletes from Croatia, China, India, Spain, Italy, Slovakia, Norway and Austria to tackle what proved to be one of the toughest but most rewarding races he had ever done.

Nick’s determination enabled him to hold onto finishing in 2nd place. Where 1st place went to an experienced local runner, who represents Croatia at the World Mountain Championships!

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