Amsterdam Half-Marathon

Off season running events are the staple diet of most triathletes and duathlete’s training plans. We at TORQ are no different with Nick recently running an awesome half marathon, beating the majority of the field and placing 5th overall.

With the World duathlon championships out of the way it was time to sit back and relax…by doing a half marathon. Though not my usual distance ((I run much shorter events usually) the endurance aspect of a half marathon suits me well at only fractionally more than a sprint distance duathlon in terms of duration.  I had pencilled in Amsterdam as an end of season target a few months ago.

Spending two days in Amsterdam beforehand, I got to know the course and began to appreciate the general build up to the event.  Amsterdam is one of the largest marathon/half marathon combos in the world and although the smaller event, the half marathon still attracted a field of over 14,000 and the 2012 event had the most participants ever.

Out onto the race and I reached the 2k marker in just over 6 minutes and 20 seconds.  This was ahead of schedule and my experience of distance running told me to apply the brake there and then and so I let a few runners get away from me, knowing we would be reacquainted soon enough!

Despite trying to slow down, I still went through 5k and 10k in splits of 16.47 and 33.57.  At 10k, I felt so strong that I thought I would put the hammer down and go for a PB.  I knew that feeling as strong as I did half way through, I could hold it together for the same distance again.

Things started to hurt at about the 16k mark, but I pushed on through the centre of Amsterdam and made it to the 1928 Olympic stadium in a massive new personal best of 71.53 and cracked the top 5 to boot! 

Thanks, as ever go to ALL our awesome sponsors without whom none of this would be possible. – Triathlon Frames – Aero Wheels – Aerobars, Saddles and Finishing Kit – Power Meters – Wetsuits – Helmets & Glasses – Cycling Footwear – Cables & Housing – Running Footwear – Groupsets – Swim Goggles (Sable Water Optic) – Team PR – Transition Bags – Tyres – Pumps, Tools – Custom Trisuits and Cycle Wear

All pro snaps by Jolekha Shasha