Bexhill on Sea Triathlon

Chris Panayiotou doinates the Bexhill on Sea triathlon and gets a most usual prize…

After a short lay off following my middle distance experience I decided it was time to get racing again, so I entered the Bexhill on Sea Triathlon. Unfortunately a stormy weather front decided to head into town on the same weekend meaning the triathlon was now a duathlon! Nevertheless it would still serve as good training.

The horn sounded and I was away, my run pace was high, but comfortable as I tried to build up a small lead before the bike leg. Transition bound I had about a minute lead but knew this could be easily caught on the bike. Past the mount line and onto my bike, I worked my way up to speed whilst slipping my feet into my tri-shoes. All set for the journey ahead, I was pushing hard, but directly into a headwind. This was not going to be an easy ride and I would experience this wind for each of the 4 laps. Second lap down, still leading; third lap down, still leading; fourth lap down and on my way back to transition and I was looking good for my first win of the season!

Chris at Bexhill tri 2012 run

Past the dismount line, bike racked and I was on to the final 10k run. Once I got my rhythm established, I was loving every minute, my middle distance endurance was crossing over nicely.

After mustering up a quick sprint I crossed the line achieving my first victory of the season by over five and a half minutes, awesome. My prize – a picture with famous chat show host; Graham Norton!

Chris with Graham Norton 2012

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