BOBS full house.

Well, there were 15 of them anyway. It was the guys and gals of planet ‘BOBS (Berks on Bikes)’ that kindly invited me over to speak to them this Sunday. The weather was beaut, so it was a fantastic day for. sitting in a car park near Bracknell and talking about fitness…

We still managed to get out on our bikes to do one of my infamous interval sessions though, but alas I failed to make anyone puke this time, so I felt quite defeated. The off road climb was perfect though. It was loose, but not overly so and lasted about 1 minute, getting steeper towards the top – perfect for isolating the lactic acid system.

The intervals came after a morning of talking about ‘Training Theory’ and ‘Energy Systems’ – and then it was lunch. I lead by example and got myself a big jacket potato with beans and coleslaw. “The low glycaemic index of the beans complements the high glycaemic index of the potato”, I said wondering if the others would follow suit. At least one did I think and there were no nutritional disasters, except for Nigel who sat beside me. Too much butter on that scone mate (and you thought I didn’t notice hahaha)! In all fairness to the man, we hadn’t discussed nutrition properly yet.

In the afternoon we looked at the concepts of ‘Periodization’ and ‘Nutrition’ and then I disclosed a few of my ‘undisclosed performance tips’. Then it was nighttime and so scatter we did to the four corners of wherever we came from.

BOBS are the Mountain Bike club that support the Gorrick races and they’re a really friendly bunch. The terrain around there is fab too, so why not pop into their web site and have a look around and you can arrange to meet up and join them. Here’s the link:

Berks On Bikes

If you would like to organise a seminar day for your club or a group of pals, send me an e-mail or phone me on 01923 212856 and we can discuss an itinerary to suit.

Earlier this year I popped down to the Sussex Mountain Bikers to run a similar day. Have a look at this link for full details of the seminar itinerary:

Sussex Seminar Shenanigans