Brownsea Island Swim

This was Guy’s longest race of the season so far this year and just like the Seahorse Swim, it took place in the unpredictable conditions of the sea.
The race itself is rather unique in that it is a swim around the whole of Brownsea Island in Poole (Dorset), which is approximately 6.5k. In preparation for this event, I steadily increased my distances in the pool & aimed to hit about 6.5-7.5km a session, this was done to give me the mental boost of knowing I could cover the full distance at a decent speed and to avoid loosing stamina with 1.5km still to go!
The weather wasn’t great with high winds meaning that the sea was particularly choppy, however, I knew that the swim would be with the current for around two-thirds of the race, which is a bonus! 
The start was quite a feisty affair; however as I headed out, a strung out lead group made up of several swimmers formed and having studied the pre-race start list, I knew that I had some stiff competition!  As we rounded the back of the Island the sea became a lot rougher, this caused the group to split up somewhat and I then found myself out in front with absolutely no idea of where anyone else was. All that was visible was wave after wave and the odd boat. 
As we passed the halfway point the waves started to ease off, and I eventually felt like I could get a rhythm going again. I was still trying to save the legs as much as I could until the last kilometre or so, though the hard first half had taken its toll. I decided to feed after roughly 4km & used the TORQ gel I had stashed in my suit. I knew that this would see me through the final third of the race. 
I finished the race in 1st position in a time of 1.14.38, securing my third 1st place of the season for TORQ and at the same time breaking the Brownsea Course record by over 30 seconds!  I am personally delighted with this achievement having found the race extremely tough this year. 
I would just like to add that my success is partly thanks to the huge support TORQ and my other sponsors have provided, by the means of some of the best kit out in the Open Water swimming world.
Pictures courtesy of David Beater Photogaraphy –
As always a huge thank you to all of our team sponsors for their support of the TORQ Performance Swim Team. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do – Unparalleled Training Equipment – Performance Wetsuits – Performance Goggles – Equipment Bags – Training Wear – Training Wear – Muscle Warming & Cooling Products