Chirk Triathlon

James Emery launched the triathlon season with a third-place finish out of a field of 400, at the picturesque Chirk triathlon run by Wrecsam Triathlon

The sprint triathlon was sold out within two weeks in November so expectations were high with a full field including a number of top sponsored triathletes. To a lot of triathletes, this race is the start of the triathlon season.

As always spectators turned out in great numbers to support both novices and experienced triathletes as they put their winter/spring training to the test and prepared themselves for the challenge ahead.

In the absence of Paul Hawkins the defending champion, Chris Standidge won the race in a time of 58 minutes and 7 seconds, the only athlete to break the hour. Chris was using this race as a warm to a 70.3 ironman at St Croix on 2nd May 2010.

James has raced at Chirk triathlon since 2004 and was delighted with the result. He beat his personal best time, set last year by 11 seconds. This was despite the turbulent wind and poor road surfaces from the past winter.

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The Final results:

1st Chris Standidge of Tricentral/Zoot, 58.07
2nd Andrew Campbell of Wrecsam Tri, 1.01.26
3rd James Emery of TORQ, 1.02.00

James’ next major triathlon is the British middle distance championships at Bala Wales in June. Fellow Torq athlete Martin Goodlad will also be racing, so look out for the Torq boys.