Conclusions & Recommendations

Here we will summarise the key points and propose TORQ’s Infection Management protocol.

By way of conclusion, the research suggests that moderate exercise will enhance immunity, making you more resistant to infection and offering a better immune response once infected. Heavier exercise will also provide benefits to immune health, but if not managed appropriately, could put you at greater risk of infection. Certainly a 4-hour ‘infection window’ should be observed after heavy exercise to reduce the risk of picking up a pathogen. Fuelling properly with regular carbohydrate intake and consuming carbohydrate immediately after exercise have been linked to increased resistance to infection, as has post-exercise Glutamine supplementation. Also, ensure that your exercise program is balanced so that you don’t build up unnecessary troughs of fatigue.

Outside of exercise, a healthy mixed diet will fuel a strong immune system and you may consider supplementing with Zinc and also Vitamin D in the winter months due to the limited exposure to sunlight.

If you succumb to a viral or bacterial infection you are likely to shorten and reduce the severity of the illness by supplementing with Vitamin C, Glutamine and Echinacea at the first sign of sickness. TORQ have developed the following protocol based upon the available research:

TORQ Infection Management Protocol:
At the first sign of infection – consume:
1000mg Vitamin C
1000mg Glutamine
500mg Echinacea
Repeat this procedure every hour for 6 hours.
Continue with the same procedure every 2-3 hours for the remainder of the day.
On waking the following day: Repeat the procedure and continue to repeat the dose every 3 hours ensuring that you take a full dose just before bedtime.
When symptoms diminish significantly: Revert to following the procedure 3 times per day – once in the morning – once at midday – once before bed.
Once symptoms have disappeared: Take the above dose once per day for 2 days in the evening before bed.
If you are asymptomatic: You can then stop the procedure.
Please Note: 1000mg = 1gram

We would suggest that this protocol sits in line with research carried out on mega dosing with Vitamin C, but some may argue that it doesn’t go far enough, especially if you’re going to follow the advice of Hickey & Roberts (2005) who advise titration to bowel tolerance. At the same time, a less intense protocol is likely to relieve infection symptoms compared to taking nothing or would be adequate for a milder infection. The problem being that it’s impossible to know how mild an infection might be until it’s taken hold – hence why not follow a solid protocol regardless?

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