Diss Duathlon

Iain stays on home ground, to tackle the speed bumps and battle with calf pain to regain his title…


For me, The Diss Duathlon is a local event, which is arranged by my home club Tri-Anglia. (It was also my first ever Duathlon race back in 2007). Since then, I have won the event on a couple of occasions and was keen to regain my title.
Locally, this is a popular event in the Duathlon calendar and was once again a sell out. For Norfolk, this is a rolling course (speed bumps Iain? – JE) and the additional narrow twisty country roads make the bike section quite technical. There were a few very good time trialists on the start list and so I was hoping I could hold my own on the bike, as I knew that this course was going to be the complete opposite of a fast out and back TT.
This was my second race of the Season in my new Age Group Catagory. I have just moved up to race with the Vetrans (age 40 – 44). One of the downsides of moving up into this Age Group, is that I am no longer racing directly against the athletes who are likely to be contending for the top 3 places. Therefore, it is even harder (than usual) to know how you are getting on overall.


On the first run, I set off at a good pace – knowing that I would have some good cyclist behind me. Coming into T1, I had a small lead from my wave and my good transition meant I was well on my way into lap 1 (of a 3 lap course). As the course was tight, it meant negotiating other cyclists and the occasional car. It also meant that when I got caught up amongst the other competitors, I really had to concentrate and accept that at times I would get held up.

On a couple of occasions, this was quite frustrating, yet I felt I had had a really strong ride and came into T2 leading my wave. I was then told I was also well up on the wave before.
I headed out on the second run (which was the same distance as the first) and then sadly started to feel a few calf niggles from the week before. From the outset of the second run, I was not running comfortably and was trying to modify my technique to regain some comfort. However the pain in my left calf increased.
I kept it together, but struggled towards the end and thankfully held on to my lead to win the race. Incredibly it was my fastest time on the course and was also only 20 seconds off the course record! This I largely put down to my improved bike split. I was really pleased with the result, but frustrated that I could not get through the race without a set back.


As I lead up to the start of my Tri Season (with my first race being in 4 weeks time), I will train for a couple of weeks with a greater emphasis on the swim and bike. This will hopefully enable my calf to recover in time. 

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