Dr William Tan

Many of you will remember Dr William Tan from Singapore who hand cycled from Land’s End to John o’Groats (LEJOG) with TORQ owner Matt Hart and companions last year.

Well, if you who followed the progress of their 9-day battle through the UK during the wettest June on record, you will appreciate the challenges they faced, but on receiving this picture from Will recently, Matt said:

“Will confessed to me that our LEJOG challenge was the hardest physical challenge he had ever put himself through and I still get shivers down my spine when I think about it. Those ultra-long endless days in the freezing cold driving rain – there was nothing romantic about it – and until the crisis hit with Covid-19, I had filed it deep into my subconsciousness, never to be spoken about again – it was really quite traumatic! Seeing Will clad to do battle on the front line in Singapore and thinking about all the incredibly courageous healthcare workers, supermarket staff, public transport operatives and anyone else in the world bravely facing up to the potential harm this virus could cause them, our challenge now seems tiny and insignificant. I would sincerely go through all of that again tomorrow with a big smile on my face if it meant seeing the back of Covid-19 and keeping those at risk out of danger. Our LEJOG experience taught us a lot about ourselves and we suffered, but I realise now that it wasn’t really suffering was it? Back then we suffered for Blood Cancer and that’s what kept us moving, but please consider that Will has endured polio which disabled him from the age of 2, returned from the brink of terminal blood cancer just a few years back and now he’s on the front line in Singapore potentially exposing himself to this deadly virus. Thinking of you Will and everyone else out there who are doing their bit, however modest.”

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