East Fife Tri

It was an impressive start for our new recruit, Emma Lamont, who’s based up in Glasgow. After a good winters training she came out and blasted away all but one girl in her early season outing. She has big plans ahead…

What a feeling! Finally a race. Those hours spent training throughout the winter are finally being put to good use. Those long turbo sessions where only an episode of Mary Berry’s cooking can get me through – those runs when the rain batters off your face with the ever increasing headwind pushing you backwards – those swim sessions when you walk to the pool while everyone you know will still be sound asleep. This has all been for a reason, and this is it!

With a solid winter of training behind me, I was really excited to finally test myself. I do suffer nerves, I think everyone does, and I don’t think I would enjoy racing if I didn’t have these butterflies, because they make racing both horrible as well as so enjoyable – such a strange combination. So there I was, on the start line, ready to toe the line. everything done, with nothing more to do than to race, test myself and see what has been achieved!

The swim went to plan. A bit slower than I wanted, but it was the first race, the hit out after that winter, so I was happy. I was 2nd onto the bike, with transition going smoothly, those dusty race skills hadn’t been forgotten in 6 months! I tucked down into my aero position and focued. could have really done with an episode of Mary Berry right then. I reminded my self that I was in a race and visions of cookery soon left my conciousness. My bike was not as strong as I wanted. My body was just not used to that TT position, but I held 2nd still, so remanined happy. It was then time to test my legs. I love running off the bike (such a great feeling to be free after being clipped into my pedals) and as soon as my feet the ground, I can’t help but smile – I’m in my element! My run went well, but not well enough to move up the podium.

2nd place was a good way to start the season. It wasn’t my title-defending race I had dreamed about, but despite a hard winters training, there’s no substitute for the form you build through competition, so it was a good first outing.

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