Euro 24 Champion

Rain and mud heralded in a cold and shivery start for the Euro 24 Hour Solo Championships at Davos in the Swiss Alps. 

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TORQ Fuelled Matt Jones still can’t quite believe the result having crossed the finish line first waving a mini British flag, despite the conditions, confused marking and the mayhem of a race re-start. Upwards of 30 laps over a 12km course was a daunting mental prospect, but Matt talked himself around and said, “I made the most of the more fun parts and started playing games like what’s the quickest lineup this section. These things are as much about mental toughness as having the legs to get round so it was a real battle to keep focused”. 

Matt’s fuelling strategy for the race was: 1 gel per hour, 3 scoops of TORQ Energy Drink alternating between two flavours, 1/2 an energy bar every couple of hours and TORQ Recovery Drink every 6 hours. Other than that he just topped up with a bite of banana here and there. Oh, and he replaced normal gels with caffeine gels every other hour from about 2am onwards.

You can read Matt’s full report of the race here: singletrackeuro-24-hour-champs

Congratulations to Matt from all at TORQ HQ!