Fairtrade TORQ bars

Our TORQ bars are currently undergoing a variety of transformations. The packaging design and bar size are changing as well as supporting the coveted Fairtrade logo.

TORQ bars have always been made with Fairly Traded fruit, but our shift towards displaying the ‘Fairtrade’ logo is in recognition of the fact that it is a mark that is easily understood by the wider public. Fairtrade guarantees farmers in developing countries a fair price for their crop and without the regulation that Fairtrade offers, many farmers would be forced into poverty.

The design changes to the TORQ bar film are considerable, but if we tell you what they all are, there won’t be any surprises left when you get the bar in your hand, but suffice to say, all of our bars are going BLACK. As you can see from the picture below, we think the Raspberry & Apple bar looks particularly vibrant!

TORQ bars are also going to be smaller. I know that’s not something that most companies would shout too loud about, but there is good reason. Yes, food ingredient inflation is at an all time high and our costs are increasing, but that’s easily remedied – we put the price of the bar up. The reason the bars are getting smaller is because the new 45g bar will now deliver 30g of carbohydrate. A TORQ gel also delivers 30g of carbohydrate and so does 500ml of TORQ energy drink.

Why does this matter? Well, the latest research is demonstrating that based on products blended with 2:1 Maltodextrin:Fructose, the user can take on board up to 90g of carbohydrate irrespective of bodyweight. This simply equates to 3 TORQ items per hour, with each of the following products being an item:

TORQ bar – 1 item
TORQ gel – 1 item
TORQ energy (500ml) – 1 item

If the weather is hot and perspiration rates are high, you would need to consume more TORQ energy items, because of the need for fluid and electrolytes. In cooler weather when perspiration rates are lower, you’d naturally opt for more solid fuel items like bars and gels. So, this is a move to make performance nutrition more easily understood. Smaller, less experienced athletes may want to start with 2 TORQ items per hour, but research suggests that they can take on and use up to 3 items per hour. Importantly, beyond 3 items per hour, the human body is generally unable to process and use the carbohydrate, which can lead to gastrointestinal problems, so ensuring that the user gets the correct amount of carbohydrate is essential.

The new TORQ bars are due for launch this spring.