Fuel of Champions

We thought we’d show you this picture of Olympian Oli Beckinsale surrounding himself with TORQ products in a recent article on ‘fuelling’ in What Mountain Bike.

Oli, was finally freed in 2010 from the restrictions that some sponsors place on athletes and was allowed to use his products of choice. TORQ have a policy not to sponsor any athletes who don’t choose to use TORQ’s products – this is key to our philosophy. This is why riders like Oli, Scott UK’s Nick Craig, Wiggle’s Matt Page and Topeak Ergon’s Sally Bigham are such strong ambassadors for the TORQ brand. Product performance means absolutely everything to us at TORQ and we work tirelessly to produce products that function at the highest possible level in endurance sport.

So, if you see someone using a TORQ product, they’re using the products because they want to. If this sounds too good to be true, next time you see a TORQ product or bottle in someone’s hand, ask them why they’re using it?