Happy Halloween

To officially mark the launch of TORQ’s new recovery formulation (the properties of which have incidentally been likened to witchcraft), we would like to take this topical opportunity to wish you all a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN by extending a very special offer to you for one day only – 31st October 2006…

We don’t usually offer discounts at TORQ – instead we offer very competitive prices for bulk purchases all the time and don’t charge for postage. However, we love Halloween, because when we look around us everything’s black and orange – and that reminds us of… well ‘us’ really.

So, our offer to you this Halloween is a straight 6.66% discount on everything on the website. We know 6.66% isn’t huge, but we just couldn’t think of another spooky number? Then we thought about the number 13 – pretty unlucky and quite spooky we thought, so how about this? If you spend over £100, we’ll double the discount to 13.32%. That’s not just unlucky 13; it’s 2 X 6.66!!

Quite right, £100 seems like quite a lot of money to spend? But hey, this is the perfect time to stock up on your winter training fuel. If you buy our products at the bulk prices and then get a 13.32% discount too, you’ll save a substantial amount of money and remember the best before date on all our products will be close to a year.

All you have to do to qualify is type ‘Halloween Offer’ in the section of the online shop where it says ‘Enter any special delivery instructions:’ underneath the section ‘Shipping And Handling’ or make it clear to the person you’re ordering off when you phone 0845 128 4312 that you would like the ‘Halloween Offer’. When we are busy, our calls are diverted to a call centre, so we may not be able to confirm the total price of your order at that time, but you will get your discount, we can assure you of that. Also, please note that your online shop order won’t recognise the discount, but we will sort it out when we are processing your order. You will get confirmation of your discount by e-mail when we ship your products.

Oh yes, and we’ll also throw in a FREE drinks bottle per £30 spent too (before discount). So, if you spend £120, you’ll get 4 bottles and your actual order will cost £104.02.

Gosh aren’t we kind?

To get to our online shop, click HERE

Happy Black and Orange day.