Honda TT Legends

TORQ is excited to be sponsoring a premium team for 2012 in an undeniably energetic form of motorsport. The Honda TT Legends team is a class act and includes 17-times Isle of Mann TT winner John McGuiness. Also featuring on the 2012 Honda TT Legends team is road racing ace Cameron Donald, joined by British Superstock and road racing star Gary Johnson and 2011 fastest TT newcomer Simon Andrews. All four riders will contest the 2012 Endurance World Championship while McGuinness and Andrews will make up a two-man team for the Isle of Man TT and the Northwest 200.

John Davis is a chartered physiotherapist working with the riders in the Honda TT legends team and has recommended TORQ products to the riders who are just commencing a season of endurance racing at the highest level in motorsport. John says “I have been involved with drivers and riders in motorsport for the last 6 years, including Le Mans 24 hours and Superbikes. This year I was asked to join the Honda TT legends team to make sure the riders were prepared and ready to complete in endurance races around the world. The first race of the season was the annual 24 hours endurance spectacle the Bol D’Or race at Magny Cours near Nevers, France.

With cold and wet conditions the Honda Fireblade riders were never going to suffer with significant dehydration issues, however the energy required is massive. Each of the 3 riders has to race for 1 hour in every 3 for 24 hours at speeds of 180mph on the 2.74 mile long French Grand Prix circuit. Throughout practice, qualifying and the race itself, all the riders and most of the mechanics were refuelled and hydrated using TORQ energy drinks and energy bars.

Over the last 6 years, I have worked with many drivers and riders and each one has used and tried different types of energy drinks, some pre mixed, some exotic colours and some full of unnecessary ingredients claiming to have amazing effects on performance. I prefer to keep hydration simple and use a product that can be used for prolonged periods and does not complicate or overload the riders with substances that they really don’t need. All the drivers and riders I have assisted in 24 hour races have never resorted to caffeine loaded drinks or tablets. As long as they are monitored, adequately hydrated and eat the right foods at the optimum time, then it is possible to win these events. Last year was the first time I used TORQ at the Le Mans 24 hours with 3 drivers in the Greaves Motorsport team and we won our class coming 5th overall out of the 55 cars that started the race.  The drivers immediately took to the TORQ energy drink making it easy for me to ensure their concentration, through optimum hydration, was maintained.

The next Honda TT Legends endurance race is in Ireland at the NW 200 followed closely by the world famous Isle of Man TT. As the season progresses, we will be taking 3 riders to Qatar for an 8 hour race battling the heat of the desert, where TORQ will help to combat potentially dangerous levels of dehydration and help  get us to the finish, preferably on the podium.”

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