Independent Newspaper Best Buy Award

Pitted against all of the major nutrition brands, TORQ Gels have just won the ‘Indy/Best’ award from the Independent Newspaper.

The Independent review which can be accessed by clicking HERE tested 10 energy gels from leading brands and TORQ were rewarded with the coveted title. Of course, the Independent were taken with our flavour profiles:

“This gel comes in a wide variety of interesting flavours – from rhubarb and custard to apple crumble – and if the cherry bakewell range we tested is anything to go by, refuelling will be something you look forward to.”

And the amount of carbohydrate delivered per gel, which was higher than any of the others on test as well as the functional benefits of our 2:1 formulation:

“A 2:1 blend of maltodextrin:fructose with five electrolytes, the relatively small gel (45g) packs an impressive amount of carbohydrates (29g) into each easy-to-digest serving.

They concluded with:

“Overall, a very flavoursome gel that we returned to time after time during testing.”

The Independent team criticised all of the products tested for their lack of packaging recyclability and TORQ have been determined to overcome this issue and we think we’re almost there. We started down the path of more responsible packaging a few years back with our litter-free tip, because it’s always the tip of the gel pack that gets accidentally dropped.

Since then, we have explored various packaging alternatives including compostable packaging, but it has been extremely difficult to find a balance between our social responsibilities and packaging performance, until now. Times are rapidly changing, so the technology to recycle packaging like the material we use for our gels and crisp packets now exists. This Microwave Induced Pyrolysis process means that companies like Tescos are now investing in collection points to recycle such items and there is an aggressive development strategy to build many more plants capable of recycling this material. TORQ Gel packaging is well on the way to becoming fully recyclable.

To learn more or to purchase TORQ Gels, click HERE and if you have any further questions about this product or anything else we produce, please don’t hesitate in contacting us at or phone 0344 332 0852.