Inverurie Sprint

Martin Goodlad has recently been racing in the Inverurie sprint. Martin is a talented athlete having raced numerous distances and excelling in the prestigious ironman events; having competed in the world championships in Kona. This is what he has to report.

‘Inverurie was to be my first race since Turriff earlier in the year. A combination of hamstring injury, moving house twice and changing jobs (for the second time in 6 months) had thwarted any constant training until 5 weeks before the event.

Training had gone well though, concentrating on harder shorter efforts rather than the long endurance stuff I have been used to over previous seasons. I’m enjoying the sessions also and find it easier to focus on short hard efforts. The Lake CX236 Bike shoes make the bike riding a pleasure, very comfortable and stiff for power transfer.

The race

The swim was pool based I started last in my lane which was a nice change and gave me the chance to draft of the person in front for the first few laps, until deciding they were to slow and passed them. Out of the swim 3rd in 11:09 same as previous year so swim speed is still there, a quick transition and onto the bike course.

A very hilly course of 28km (slightly over sprint distance). I started the bike in 1st having passed 2 people in transition so it was all there for me to loose! I pushed hard on the bike as I knew if I could stay ahead on the bike that should be enough to see me to the finish on the podium. All didn’t go to plan after 10min I got passed by a hard charging youngster, and then by 2 others, this was actually great as it meant we all picked the pace up. The remaining 40mins of the bike were an all out sprint with places rotating every minute or two, depending on the course profile at the time. I was dropping back on the hills but then the Quintana Roo & FFWD wheel came into their own on the flats and downhills and I would pull ahead again.

By the end of the bike I had managed to pull ahead but only by a few second. I was actually wandering if any of us would be able to run having pushed the bike that hard! The run went well until about the half way point where I was passed, I picked up the pace and tried to keep a 10sec gap between myself and first place (having started last in my lane on the swim I knew I had 10-15sec to play with), but I couldn’t keep pace and the gap ended up about 40sec by the finish. I came home in 2nd place overall and in my age group.

Martin Finish


A very pleasing result and a good sign for next week’s Scottish Middle Distance Championships in Aberfeldy.

A huge thanks to our sponsors, who make it easy to race so well and perform at a high level.


Bikes: Quintana Roo
Wheels: Fast Forward
Power: Saris
Cycle shoes: Lake
Delicious, natural and healthy nutrition: