ISM Saddles

Now riding into their third season on saddles from the recognized leader in modern saddle design, ISM, the TORQ Performance Triathlon Team are still sitting very comfortably…

Using the latest science and technology, ISM saddles are designed to eliminate pressure on nerves and arteries in the perineal area, ensuring maximum comfort and optimum performance for the rider. No more numbness, no more pain. Here’s what the team had to say about these amazing saddles:

James Emery (Team Manager) – I liked the ISM saddle from the beginning, as do most triathletes that are positioned super aggressively. Previously I’ve struggled to find a saddle that I can stay in for more than 2 hours when using aerobars, however, that is not a problem now. My choice from the range is the Podium for short distance and Breakaway for long stuff. Saddles are a very personal thing, but to have the entire team loving them, ISM are clearly onto something!

Alex Lawton – I think they’re great and honestly don’t know how I survived without them! 

Eleanor Haresign – Still love the Breakaway. Comfy for nearly 6 hours in the saddle today in Lanza. Can’t rate them highly enough!

Dave Mawhinney – I initially started off using the Time Trial model on my time trial bike, but because I tend to move around a lot on the saddle, I was finding it slightly too short. I changed to the longer Breakaway model which I found perfect and comfortable, even for rides of over 5 hours. It is now my saddle of choice.

Chris Standidge – Took me about 2-3 weeks to convert from a ‘normal saddle’ but once I did, I have never looked back. I can now ride comfortably for hours on end without shifting around on the tri bars. I have opted for the Adamo attack. Extremely comfortable, wouldn’t ever change it!!

Emma Lawton – My response would be that, it is the only saddle I have ever been able to do long rides on with absolutely no issues. I love both of mine!

Nick Shasha – I’ve got one on my Wilier and one on my Whyte 29er. Personally I think they are great in the TT position and with adjustment, quite nice on the 29er. Overall, I’d say they are one of the best pieces of kit I’ve used.

Iain Robertson – This is the only design of saddle I have used that has removed numbness completely. Very comfortable, easily adjusted and there is a huge range to choose from.

Visit the ISM website for more information on these superb saddles and how they can improve both your comfort and performance.

A big hank you to ISM and all our sponsors for making it happen; we couldn’t do it without you.

Wilier – Triathlon Frames
FFWD Wheels – Race Wheels
Huub – Wetsuits
Schwalbe – Cycle Tyres
ISM – Saddles
Lezyne – Pumps, Tools, Bottle Cages
Scimitar – Triathlon and Cycle Apparel
Fenwicks – Lubrication
CeramicSpeed – Ceramic bearing upgrades
Limar – Helmets and Glasses
Lake – Cycling Footwear
Fibrax – Cables & Housing
Swans – Goggles
Shimano – Groupsets
Amphibia – Transition Bags
Stages – Power Meters
Race Ware Direct – Custom Garmin Mounts
Zero Point Compression – Compression wear
Speedfil – Speedfil Hydration Systems
ithlete – HRV Measurement and analysis