James Anderson

My name is James Anderson, 26 years old from living in the borderlands of Shropshire and Powys. I am an Elite Downhill Mountain Bike Racer competing in the British National and UCI Downhill MTB World Cup Series.

My greatest success so far has come in the form of competing at the UCI downhill World Cup Series, which was a dream of mine since a young age! I am now racing some of my idols, which I aspired to be like as junior. Racing on the world stage really brings it into a full circle, and the buzz of competing at the highest level our sport has to offer, really is a feeling like no other!

TORQ benefits my performance in many ways, the biggest aspect would have to be the way its manufactured, I am very pro-organic when it comes to nutrition so to be able to have the support of TORQ is massive, as many of the product they make are organic and produced with a sense of pride.

Instagram: https://instagram.com/jamesanderson_15/