Kona Bike Sale Update

Just two Team bikes left, and guess what? They are the ones with the best spec!!!! Can you believe it, two top of the range 2006 Kona steeds with only 6months use, here ready and waiting. All the Kula Primo’s went like hot cakes, or even yule-tide logs, but you still have a chance to pick up a serious end of season bargain with one of these two great bikes (or even both if you like!). We’ve even dropped the bikes to a special festive price!

Kona Kula Supreme 19”

The hardtail for lightweight extremists. You know who you are! This is Kona’s top end cross-country race bike for 2006. Super light Scandium frame with a set of components and finishing kit to die for. This was a one-off bike for the team and the spec seen at Kona Bikes UK describes it all, what more could you want? The components on this bike are in good order. The saddle is a bit worn and the frame has some rub marks and stone chips. It also has lost some paint on the chain stay due to chain slap, but with such a high quality frame this is only cosmetic. The tyres are new, and pedals are not included.

SALE PRICE: £1400.00

SRP: £2600.00

This is a seriously nice bike, and a chance to pick up a bargain top end Kona rig, that will complement your riding and your wallet!

Kona King Supreme – 18”

To quote Kona themselves, “If cross-country dual suspension lightweight extremism was a religion, this bike would be it’s icon.” This bike was another one-off for the TORQ/KONA team, and again was only used for one season. The spec courtesy of Kona Bikes UK speaks for its self, and the bike has had very little miles put on it. The wheel set has had minimal use due to others being used for the season, and the SLR Carbon saddle is brand new (unused). As if this wasn’t enough, the cranks are brand new unused FSA Carbons (replaced under warranty) with an SRP of £475 alone. This bike smoothes out the bumps with a supper light soft-tail approach. The frame on this bike has a small dint in the top tube, which remains cosmetic and has no effect on performance, and all the components are in good order. Pedals not included.

SALE PRICE: £1400.00

SRP: £3000.00

If we do not get any takers for these bikes then they will go up on Ebay in the New Year, but be warned they could go a lot further than £1400 if the right people are around.

For further enquires and any additional information the contact number is: (01743) 885010 or alternatively e-mail: anthony@torq.ltd.uk