Marcos in Italian Iron Bike.

Check out these pictures. Now isn’t this how Mountain Bike racing is supposed to be? Burning sunshine, huge clumps of rock (1000’s of meters of it) and loads of dust and pasta? Beats riding round a flat field in Old Blighty and eating an entrails burger that’s for sure. TORQ-tuned Marcos Schier has just got back from the Italian Iron Bike and this is what he had to say:

“Tough, hard, steamy, challenging but if you love the sport, very rewarding! It was the tenth year of the event – and also the toughest. In total 120 riders from all over the world and 400 Km of pure passion and determination.

Up and down hills, a lot of stunning views, thankfully superb weather and not so thankfully; pasta, pasta and more pasta. The organizers were fantastic – all very approachable and willing to help. Every race had at least two refreshment points.

The race went well for me. I was in 5th until day 5 and had a chance to go 4th, but I got food poisoning and could not race on day 6. I think my body could not take pasta anymore!! Nevertheless, I managed to race day 7 (last race) and finished 14th over all. It was quite a hard race and a very good training.”

All the riders were very friendly, most of them treating the race as an adventurous and challenging holiday.

Why not to check out their web site and get some more information at

Also in October, there is the Brazilian Iron biker. The website for this is or contact Marcos Schier at for more information.

Marcos Schier/Vera Misk