More on TORQ ribose – your cellular mechanic.

For those of you who’ve been reading and digesting the information on TORQ ribose, the new ingredient unique to TORQ bar, here’s a slightly less technical analysis of this staggering new supplement and how TORQ ribose and plenty of carbs work together to give you optimal muscle power…

For the more technically minded, search for the previous ‘performance issues’ article on ribose.

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The Engine

Think of TORQ ribose as the highly experienced mechanic working on the engine of your car…

A finely tuned engine will produce optimal power and will work highly efficiently. Ribose supplementation ensures that the ATP charge in your muscle cells is constantly high. ATP is the driving force behind muscular contraction – without it there’d be no tone to your muscles – you’d effectively be like a blob of jelly! With muscle cells fully charged with ATP they will contract when you want them to – with maximal power.

So what happens if you don’t supplement with ribose? If you’re not training particularly heavily, you’re unlikely to notice any benefit from supplementing with ribose. This supplement really works for people that exercise heavily on consecutive days. Hard training washes ATP out of the cells reducing their optimal functioning. If we relate this to our car engine example, the engine starts to misfire and power and efficiency is lost. Ribose supplementation (just 3 grams per day) will rapidly re-stock the ATP, keeping the muscular engine firing on all cylinders.

Based on this rationale, you can see how taking TORQ ribose or TORQ bars during enduro-type events can yield obvious benefits – keeping muscular contraction optimal by replacing lost ATP.

The Fuel Tank

Think of TORQ energy, TORQ bar, or any other form of quality carbohydrate for that matter, as the fuel in your petrol tank…

If your petrol tank is empty, it doesn’t matter how tuned your engine is, you’re not going to go far. Therefore, it’s vital that you consume a diet rich in carbohydrate to ensure that you keep your fuel stores topped up. Careful eating of the right kinds of high carbohydrate foods and lots of them will help you to achieve this. TORQ energy is a pure carbohydrate supplement, which makes getting enough fuel into your tank before, during and after exercise so much easier. It basically supplements your regular diet with extra carbohydrate (fuel) and mixed with water as a drink it’s very easy to get down. Snacking on low fat/high carb foods like TORQ bar also help to top up your fuel stores.

So, a poorly tuned engine (heavy training without ribose) with a full petrol tank (high carbohydrate diet) will run, but won’t produce the power it should. A highly tuned engine (with ribose supplementation) with an empty petrol tank (low carbohydrate diet) just won’t run for long at all! Drive a highly tuned engine with a full tank of fuel and you’re really going places – and this is what sound nutritional practice and supplementing with ribose will do for you! The secret is to address your ‘energy’ at both the general fueling and cellular levels.

Hopefully that all made perfect sense?

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