TDF 2023: TORQ Naked Gel Debut

After last year’s Tour de France, TORQ’s Performance Director Marcus Willday caught up with #TORQFuelled Jasper Stuyven of team Trek Segafredo to discuss how our products performed during the Tour. As ever, all was positive, but Jasper did ask us to look into one product in particular and we listened to him. Now, ahead of TDF 2023, we have delivered…

Jasper loves the variety of flavours available in the TORQ Gel range, because it keeps fuelling interesting and as our many customers will vouch, fuelling with TORQ is always a pleasure, never a chore. However, let’s make no bones about this, the Tour de France is an ultra-endurance event. 3 weeks on the road, exercising for many hours per day, with a constant need to fuel and that means consuming an awful lot of energy product. There were times during the Tour when Jasper just wanted to reach for a product with a neutral flavour – something to cleanse his pallet – something that gave him the energy he needed whilst at the same time hardly noticing he was taking it.

So, the perfect accompaniment to TORQ Gel’s amazing flavour profiles was born – the Naked Flavourless TORQ Gel. An energy gel that can be interspersed with TORQ’s other fuelling units to provide much needed fuel as, when and if desired. The texture of the Naked Flavourless Gel is identical to the flavoured TORQ Gels, so is really easy to consume and packs the usual solid 30g carbohydrate punch of fast-acting 2:1 Maltodextin:Fructose.

Interestingly Matt Hart, the owner of TORQ doesn’t think he’ll use the new gel generally, because he really enjoys the range of TORQ Gel flavours, but is sure he’ll use it on his next ultra-endurance challenge, whenever that may be? Other TORQ staff have used it already for regular fuelling and love it, so what will you think? TORQ’s Naked Flavourless Energy Gel has provided a particular performance solution for ultra-endurance athletes and a further option for any of our regular customers who want another TORQ flavour that… isn’t actually a flavour!

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