Natural Vanilla Pod

TORQ’s new Natural Vanilla Pod energy drink was launched at the Cycle Show this weekend and although it’s not quite available in the internet shop yet (awaiting an image), you can buy it if you phone direct on 0845 128 4312. If you’re a retail store, our distributors at Paligap now have stock.

So, what’s so different about the natural vanilla pod flavour? Well, interestingly it’s the mildest energy drink we have ever produced and because there are no fruit flavours in it, there’s also zero acidity. If you prefer fruit flavours, you may find the taste a little odd, but if you like vanilla or cream soda, we think you’re going to love it. TORQ energy Natural Vanilla Pod contains all 5 electrolytes and the high-performing maltodextrin:fructose blend present in all our other naturally flavoured drinks.

At the cycle show this weekend, opinions varied from ‘That’s amazing’ and ‘I could drink so much of that’ to ‘There’s no way I could drink that on a bike!’ The flavour is mildly vanilla and not strong at all, so from this description, I guess you’re going to have to make a decision if you want to try it? All I can say that as a ‘fruity man’ myself is that I wasn’t sure about this product. Bottle 1 and ride 1, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would, but it was odd. On the second ride, I really quite liked it and then by the 3rd ride I loved it. Other TORQ staff loved it immediately.

The product was designed to offer a clear alternative to all the fruit flavours currently available and for those folk who prefer milder, more neutral flavours on the bike. It will also be specifically targeted at ultra-endurance athletes who consume vast amounts of energy product whilst exercising. This new drink offers a dramatic pallet change for these athletes during an event without compromising their fuelling in any way.

If you’ve not used TORQ energy before, or would like a reminder of the product’s qualities, here’s a summary:

Light Flavour (easy to drink):  The first rule of Performance Nutrition is that you’ve got to be able to drink the product. You could have a technically perfect product, but if it isn’t easy to drink, you won’t be able to make use of the calories and fluid. TORQ energy is low in sweetness and light on flavour, because of the natural flavours used and the absence of artificial sweeteners.

2:1 Maltodextrin:Fructose:  Peer-reviewed published research has proven that this blend of carbohydrates provides 40% greater carbohydrate delivery compared with ‘maltodextrin only’ formulations. Blends containing glucose or sucrose as well as maltodextrin deliver even less than Maltodextrin on its own.

With Electrolytes: TORQ energy contains all 5 electrolytes (Sodium, Chloride, Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium) at much higher levels than other commercially available sports drinks. Many ‘ready-to-drink’ products only contain Sodium and Chloride (and sometimes potassium) and the levels are quite low, because the general population whom they’re marketed at won’t like salty drinks. Mixed at 6% (isotonic), TORQ energy sits right in the middle of the research-recommended range for electrolyte content.  At 9% (hypertonic), it’s right at the top. TORQ energy shouldn’t be mixed above 9%.

Natural Flavours: TORQ have been ethical and thoughtful in their ingredient choices since the development of their first products in 2003. It is core to TORQ’s philosophy to use high quality natural ingredients and to avoid artificial additives.

No Colours, Preservatives or Artificial Sweeteners:  We see no benefit achieved through adding colours to our products, even if they are natural ones, because it’s another ‘thing’ for the gut to break down. They clearly offer no function. The same argument can be put forward with regard to artificial sweeteners, more so in fact. In addition to this, these are artificial chemicals (aspartame for instance is derived from crude oil) and there is ongoing debate over their long-term safety.

Flavours:  Natural Orange, Natural Lemon, Natural Lime & Lemon, Natural Pink Grapefruit and Natural Vanilla Pod.