Phil conquers Big Cow.

TORQ-tuned Phil Rayner (Team Halfords) is currently recovering from a heavy weekend’s racing. He won the BIG COW event on Saturday and managed a very creditable 6th place amongst a very strong field at the Gorrick on Sunday. The Big Cow was a great way for the TORQ riders to kick-off the season. Being an enduro, it was kind of like doing a long training ride and most of them are used to doing those! Phil managed to muster some speed for the Gorrick on the second day too though, so well done mate. Here’s what he had to say:

“Well it was a great relief to actually start the race season after all the hard work and long miles this winter. I had seen a few other sports get off to a flying start (superbikes, F1 etc) and was really itching to get out there for my turn.

It started with a week long training camp from home (too skint to go to Majorca this year) and finished with a 4hr enduro on Saturday at the Milton Keynes Eventing Centre (great for horses but sh*te for bikes) and then a regular XC race at the Gorrick event in berks on Sunday.

It got off to the best possible start as I won the enduro (also beat all those only doing the 2hr race) and placed 6th in the Gorrick not too far behind a few real good quality riders. Really pleased considering the enduro was so tough.

6hrs racing in 1 weekend and about 8 bike cleaning hrs. Oh the joy of muddy races.

Only about 3 weeks till the big test of doing a national series race. I am going to need my first top 10 finish if I am going to stand any chance of riding the World Cup in Fort William.”

Congratulations to the other TORQ-tuned riders that took part in both events (you know who you are) and a big hug for Marcos and Rob for having bad days. Marcos couldn’t keep his chain on the block and pulled out with mechanical failure after struggling along in a clickertycrunching kind of way for 2 laps. Rob Purcell slam-dunked a great 8th place in a rather rapid Road Race the day before the Gorrick and has since been levelled with the lurgy, so pulled out on Sunday after showing some early symptoms.

Well it’s the Southern Series next week – another day another dollar etc etc…