Raceware was established in February 2012 with the aim to provide a range of components for the cycling world using 3D printing technology. The company has a strong background in engineering and specifically 3D printing having worked with numerous high end machines and a wide variety of materials.

This extensive knowledge of the technology has enabled us to create a comprehensive range of components in a relatively short period of time. Yet the custom nature and performance benefits of this process were soon noticed and the parts quickly found their way onto several of the worlds Pro Tour race team bikes.

The ability to be able to produce components from a 3D model without the need for any of the traditional tooling means that these parts can truly be tailored to the bike and rider rather than having to ‘make do’ with an off the shelf mass produced item. Although in some cases a mass produced item works just fine so as well as bespoke parts Raceware are also utilizing the 3D print technology as manufacturing route for parts in both nylon and titanium.

Raceware are based on the Greenham Business Park, previously the home of the US Airforce and now an up and coming technology park. Just a few metres away you will find 3T RPD which is where the large majority of the printed parts are produced, 3T RPD are a world leader in printing technology and so provide the perfect partner for Raceware production.

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