Redgrave and Crew Tackles RAAM

Sir Steve Redgrave, Britain’s favourite sportsman and five times Olympic Gold medallist is coming out of retirement one last time in order to tackle one of the most formidable challenges possible on a bike. Together with a team of seven other former oarsmen he will be competing in this year’s Race Across America (RAAM), and in the process will be raising funds for Sport Relief and The Steve Redgrave Fund.

RAAM is a race like no other, known as The World’s Toughest Bike Race, it takes the competitors 3,000 miles from Oceanside, California to Annapolis, Maryland in what is planned to be just 8 days. This will mean riding up to 400 miles per day in all terrains and all weathers. Crossing 14 American states, climbing the Rocky Mountains, descending to Monument Valley and contending with, deserts, prairies and plains with extremes of heat, cold, rain and snow; the race is the ultimate physical challenge.

Steve’s racing team is made up of a group of old friends, all former rowers and only one of them a true cyclist. With an average age of 47 they are no spring chickens, but with a determination that comes from competitive sport the group are confident they can not only complete the race but raise a considerable sum for Sport Relief and The Steve Redgrave Fund.

The Redgrave Crew have worked closely with TORQ Fitness to develop a nutrition strategy that will sustain the team through the different temperatures and terrains of the 8 day race. The team will be using a mix of products including TORQ Energy, TORQ Recovery and TORQ Gels and Bars in order to hasten their recovery and provide managed energy during training and the race itself.

The Redgrave Crew are extremely grateful for all the supports TORQ have provided. Pete McConnell one of the riders said “As this is such a huge challenge for Sir Steve and the rest of us, given our ages and lack of experience as cyclists, we were looking for nutritional products that would get us through RAAM, that would sustain us and also tasted good. TORQ provides this. We have also been impressed by their product screening policy and commitment to using natural and organic ingredients.”

Asked about his reasons for taking on the RAAM, Sir Steve said, “I was looking for a challenge that would enable me to raise money for my charity, something I am very passionate about but would also challenge me to train hard again and get some real fitness back.”

Steve’s charity, The Steve Redgrave Fund, which is administered by Comic Relief aims to use the power of sport and sporting activity to bring about positive change in the lives of disadvantaged children, young people and their communities. The Fund supports community groups, small charities and schools in areas of economic or social deprivation, who utilise sport and sporting activities to promote physical and emotional well being, community cohesion, and education.

“The RAAM is an unbelievable race.” explained Steve, “I’m really lucky to be doing it with a group of old friends, who I know I can rely on to put in everything they’ve got into both the fundraising and the race. We are aiming to raise £100,000 for Sport Relief and The Steve Redgrave Fund, and I know when we get out there we’re going to want to achieve the best we can and will push ourselves to the limit.”

The other team members, are Jonathan Spencer-Jones, Nick Spencer-Jones, Malcolm Cooper, Ian Neville, John Mottram, Francis Paxton and Peter McConnell.

Donations can be made at the Redgrave Crew’s Just Giving Page 

And the team’s build up and progress during the race can be followed on on Twitter @redgravecrew and Facebook .