SR Suntour

We develop and manufacture many unique items for various segments of  the bicycle market. Since 1988 we have stuck to our policy of respect for the earth’s environment and our commitment to high quality, creativity and best service.

Throughout all these changes, one thing has remained the same: Our passion, our time and thoughts, love and energy, are dedicated to biking. How else could you understand our technicians waking up during a dream, going to the factory in the middle of the night and making sketches or files on prototypes.

It is this passion to our company principles of providing quality, value, and fulfillment which helps us to satisfy the expectations of our customers, of our retailers, and the bicycle enthusiasts who use our products day after day.

Devotion to improving riding is our inspiration. Producing affordable and innovative products for our customers is our business. Our innovative ideas and impulses will keep on changing the biking world for decades to come.

You can’t reinvent the wheel? Well…we try passionately every day!