We just had to write an article. The leading news story on the TORQ website can no longer be ‘Happy Christmas’ – it’s just not right. So Easter has prompted me to weave you a few lines…

It’s not that there’s a shortage of things to write about – on the contrary, we’ve just been sooooo busy with the consultancy and products, it takes a Bank Holiday like today to provide that margin of opportunity to sneak a little article in. In the coming month, we’ll furnish you with further information on the following very interesting developments at TORQ:

* Fast Women: An insight into the TORQ tuned and/or fuelled super-fit female athletes we have on our books.

* New TORQ gel: In development and due for official launch at this year’s Cycle 2007 exhibition at Earls Court, London.

* Dan Atherton: TORQ fuelled and tuned MTB downhilling demon is now on our books.

* Road Road Road: The new TORQ Colnago road squad and our support of some major UK Road Racing teams including the Condor Rapha, Sportscover Direct and Tor 2000 squads.

* Guided Mountain Bike Rides in Shropshire: Our new-look website is about to be launched and with it comes a new wave of services. We’ll tell you all about them when we launch.

In the meantime. Just a quick note about the BUSA (British Universities) MTB championships a couple of weeks back in Dunkeld, Scotland.

TORQ-tuned and fuelled Will Simmons took victory in the 2006 BUSA MTB champs for Leeds University and his team also won the team honours. Once again in 2007, Leeds Uni have held onto their team dominance with outstanding and consistent performances by all their riders. Yes they won again! Their highest placed rider was Anthony Salmon took 3rd place in the event, both fuelled an coached by TORQ. The convincing winner, Ross Adams from Southampton University is also a TORQ-tuned and fuelled athlete and gained a highly respectable 12th place (Pro/Elite level) in this weekend’s National Points Series at Thetford, Norfolk. Ross also won the BUSA Cyclocross Champs earlier in the year.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Leeds University’s slant on this year’s BUSA champs, click on the following link:

Team Gold at BUSA X-Country Cycling Champs

We won’t leave it so long before the next news article – promise…