The Best Flapjack Ever!

Cycling Plus and 220 Triathlon magazines both recently reviewed our Organic Explore Flapjacks and we couldn’t have been happier about their feedback.

So positive was the reaction to our flapjacks from these two magazines, we have decided to shout about it from the rooftops this month and have quoted both magazines’ words of encouragement at the top of our homepage.

Cycling Plus magazine gave our TORQ Explore Flapjack the best ever complement, writing:

Energy products have no right to taste this good!

We now feel slightly naughty for having created such an unbelievably delicious energy bar – whoops!

220 Triathlon magazine weren’t quite so fiendishly accusatory, but all the same the TORQ Explore Flapjack was awarded:

Best on Test

This coveted title, any brand would be proud to be awarded when their product is tested against the competition.

If you’ve not tried our Explore Flapjacks yet, do you need any further convincing? Click HERE to learn more about this fantastic product. Available in Organic Apple Strudel, Organic Ginger Cake, Organic Carrot Cake, Organic Bakewell Slice and Organic Banana Cake flavours.