The hills are calling us – and we’re going!

The training camp for the ‘TORQ tuned’ riders is finally going to happen after a season riddled with foot and mouth. A handful of us are popping up to Snowdonia for the re-scheduled camp (which was supposed to take place in March). We’re travelling up on Friday 6th July and staying in idyllic accommodation in the centre of the Snowdon mountain range until Sunday afternoon.

The whole idea of the trip is for me to make sure that my riders still know how to train properly and also to remind them that there’s more to Mountain Biking than just racing. Practical training sessions will be combined with theoretical workshops and there’ll be plenty of honest straight talking and debate. The younger riders will learn off the older, more experienced ones and perhaps vice versa. There’s nothing like the ‘never say die’ attitude of a younger rider in my opinion. We all become so cynical in our old age.

Anyway, this is the first camp of many and if you are interested in coming along to one, click on the link below and book up. Keep visiting the site and I’ll have some winter dates published shortly.