The ‘Jason Le Page’ files.

Jason Le Page is a Downhill Mountain Biker who lives on Guernsey (one of the Channel Islands for those of you who may be geographically challenged). I’ve been coaching Jason for the best part of two years now and being a very sporting kind of chap, he has very boldly agreed to ‘Go-Live’ with his progress on a monthly basis as a matter of interest to all of you. Every month you’ll be able to log-on to the TORQ site to see how Jason’s getting on.

Brother Jason asks?

Dear Father Hart, Guru of nutrition and exercise,

It’s been a while since my last confession; I have sinned mightily over the festive period. Not only have I neglected all of my trusty two-wheeled steeds – even the one with the motor (ed. Jason also owns a fine off-road motorcross machine), I have partaken muchly of the evil spirit ‘alcohol’ and dined mightily on offerings of sustenance fit only for couch potatoes. In addition, those foodstuffs that are normally deemed OK were banished from my life for the past few weeks. As a result my penance thus far is to carry an extra mountain of lard that now firmly resides about my person, specifically in the form of ‘a roof over the tool shed’.

Please, can you help?

The scales measured me at a hefty 15 Stone on 3rd January 2002, and as a result I dusted down the reinforced wheels for my bike, slapped on a couple of heavy winter tyres and tubes, and took to the beach for a spot of gentle cardiac torture in the form of a light (?) jog for 20 minutes!!! The results were staggering. I survived. Just!

A couple of days later when the pain subsided, I went for a ride on the bike. A fat bloke left the building, and an hour and a half later, a quivering sweaty mess returned. With mud! Some days later I set up the turbo and have resorted to this in order to burn the fat! Combined with a reduced calorie intake – smaller portions and more fruit, I am starting out on the road to sveltness again!

This time I’m going to do it! (How many times have I said this now?).

Here’s to a Happy and prosperous New Year for you, and a thinner one for me!! [‘clink’ goes the glass of mineral water against the monitor].

From a fat Guernsey bloke, stuck on a rock in the Channel Isles!! (Jason)

Matt Hart of TORQ responds:

Dear Jason,

15 Stone eh? You’re right to come clean with all of this you know. A problem shared is a problem halved – and now that a huge number of the Mountain Biking community know about it, you’ve got very little to worry about at all really!

Seeing as you’ve approached me with this conundrum, I feel obliged to help you (nothing to do with the fact that you’re paying me). We’ve got to shed body fat and the way we’re going to do it is with plenty of aerobic riding and a low fat and low alcohol eating regimen. I’m setting your training and you’re in charge of what you eat, so this is the plan:

At the beginning of each month hereafter, I want a report from you young man, a glowing one too if you want to avoid ridicule from my readers. This report will include:

(1) A record of your weight.
(2) A chest and waist measurement.
(3) A copy of your worst day’s diet in the month.
(4) A copy of your best day’s diet in the month.
(5) A total of your hours exercise for the month.

Don’t worry my friend; I’m on the case. You will loose fat – my reputation is at stake here. Oh yes, finally, with your next report I need your goal weight and waist measurement. Be realistic, but make it a challenge. We’ll get there, never you mind, but the spotlight is on us both.

Until next time, I bid you farewell.


Written by Jason Le Page/Matt Hart.