TORQ Clean Up!

Keeping the team’s finely tuned Kona Kilauea race bikes shinny and running smoothly is no mean feat especially with so many mountain bike races taking place on muddy courses in adverse weather conditions.


For many years the TORQ Team has been supported by Nomad Portable Pressure Washers, this year supplying the team with a number of Nomad 18v washers. The all-in-one design, which incorporates a large tank of water with a high pressure pump inside, coupled with a hose and spray gun gives the team an effective way to clean their bikes even when water and a power source is not readily available. The nomad 18v offers the highest washer pressure of any portable washer, while still remaining seal friendly around sensitive areas such as forks, hubs, bottom brackets and headsets.

Having such a handy tool at our disposal has proved invaluable at many of this year’s muddier races, such as Bontrager 24/12. The rain in the week previous to the event, and during resulted in riders returning lap after lap for almost an entire 12hours caked in mud. The Nomad allowed the team too quickly and easily wash there bikes in the comfort of the team camp in prep for their next laps so the bikes were kept running smoothly and looking fresh. The team went on to win the 12-hour men’s race and take 2nd in the female solo event at 24/12, which was I am sure is a reflection on the quality of this product. 

Once again we are extremely grateful to our sponsors: – Frames – Groupsets, Suspension Forks and Brakes – Helmets – Handlebars, Stems and Seatposts – Tyres – Advanced Lighting – Lubrication – Shoes – Cables and Housing – Pedals – Bike Boxes – Saddles – Hubs and Headsets – Rims – Spokes – Glasses, Compression, Tools – Performance Cycle Clothing – Photography – Brake Hardware – Torque Wrenches – Power Measurement, Turbo Training and Bike Racks – Tyre Sealant – Cordless Pressure Washing

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