TORQ now sell Powertap

It should be noted that TORQ, renowned for their great tasting, natural and easy-to-eat energy bars, has always had its roots well and truly established in fitness consultancy, with cyclists specifically in mind. It comes as no great surprise therefore that TORQ are now associated with Powertap, the American power-measurement system for bikes, used by Lance Armstrong and many other distinguished cyclists…

The Powertap hub weighs 568g and looks pretty similar to a regular bike’s rear hub, except that it provides the user with valuable power (wattage) data as well as heart rate, calorie expenditure, cadence and the more usual features of a standard cycle computer, such as speed and distance. The Powertap hub basically converts your training/race bike into a very accurate exercise bike, providing you with cutting edge training data wherever you go.

TORQ provide Powertap hubs for both road and mountain bikes. You can buy the hub already built into a top quality wheel, or you can take delivery of the hub alone and ask your local master wheel builder to knock you up a wheel to your own custom specification.

Where TORQ can help is in teaching you how to use the system properly and effectively for maximal fitness gains. If you order one of the Powertap systems from TORQ at Cycle 2004, we will throw in a fitness consultation worth £120 absolutely free. The use of TORQ’s fitness testing facility enables a rider to have his/her ‘power bands’ prescribed using blood lactate analysis, a very precise and accurate procedure.

Finally, because TORQ energy bars are food, we’re allowed to sell them at Cycle 2004, so pop along to the TORQ stand, give the free samples a try and if you decide to buy – they’re on sale at £22 or a case of 24 bars (SRP £1.15ea) or £40 for 2 cases (48 bars).

For further information on TORQ bars or Powertap, e-mail TORQ at or visit Stand 110 at Cycle 2004.