Powertap update

Since exhibiting the Powertap Pro Hub at Cycle 2004 and rushing a vague description of its functions up onto our website, full product details are now available in the TORQ shop.

Furthermore, TORQ is also offering a ‘Price Promise’. This means that if you can find another UK supplier selling the Powertap Pro at a lower price than us, we will match it. That’s obviously a good reason to buy from TORQ, but it doesn’t end there? As well as guaranteeing you the best possible price, we are specialists in Sports Performance, so will spend time with you and explain clearly how the system and software works.

We will also run a comprehensive fitness test to define your training levels or ‘Power Bands’. This consultancy package lasts approximately 3 hours and is worth £105 and we are currently offering this FREE OF CHARGE if you purchase the Powertap Pro through TORQ. If geography prevents you from visiting us, we will take time to explain as much as we possibly can over the telephone/e-mail.

The Powertap Pro is an advanced piece of training equipment, so it is vitally important that you understand its use and how to interpret the software.

Would you like to know more about Powertap? Click here for further details.

If you have any questions about this product, send us an e-mail at enquiries@torqfitness.co.uk or phone 0845 128 4312 (9am to 17:30 Monday to Friday).

Below: TORQ’s new fitness testing facility. More details to follow shortly…