TORQ Single Measures

As with our new Strawberries and Cream recovery drink mix, this product won’t be online for a couple of weeks either, but you can still buy it if you’re happy to do one of the following:

* Phone 0845 128 4312 and order over the phone.


* E-mail your order to and provide us with your phone number and we’ll call you up to get your card details.

What are TORQ’s NEW Single Measures? As with all our products, they do what they say on the tin and this is literally the case with this one. We knew that we needed to produce a single dose of our energy drinks, because thus far, the minimum tub size has been 500g of powder (equivalent to 11 X 750ml bottles), but we have waited a long time to get this right and we reckon we’ve done it in style. TORQ’s new single measures aren’t a sachet, they are a cool-looking bomb-proof aluminium canister with a screw top lid. This carries enough powder to make a single 750ml bottle of TORQ energy.

These canisters are ideal to carry with you when you’re out on a ride, enabling you to re-fill your drinks bottles or hydration system enroute. This makes them a much more sensible choice than a sachet, which will just get soggy and might end up tearing and spilling its contents. The innovation doesn’t end there though. These canisters can be re-filled from one of TORQ’s larger tubs, making your second serving extremely economical on the pocket. Add to this the fact the packaging gets re-used again and again – you know that environmentally you’re keeping litter and waste out of the equation. These canisters can be re-used 100’s of times and when/if they finally fail, they’ll go into your aluminium recycling.

For more information on TORQ’s energy drinks in general, click HERE

Please bear in mind that most other brands’ sachets will only mix up 500ml of drink, so you get a huge amount for your money here. At the time of going to print, this is how much a TORQ Single Measure will cost you:

1 X Single Measure: £1.65 per 750ml

Refilled from a 500g tub: £0.90 per 750ml
Refilled from a 1.5Kg tub: £0.58 per 750ml
Refilled from a 3Kg tub: £0.43 per 750ml
Refilled from our 6Kg deal: £0.40 per 750ml

The flavours are the same as the big tubs and these are Natural Lemon, Lime & Lemon, Natural Orange and Pink Grapefruit.

If you want to benefit from the refills, you’ve got to buy your single measures first though, so for the time being, these are the deals we’re doing:

4 X TORQ Single Measure (one of each flavour): £6.60 (£1.65 per canister)
8 X TORQ Single Measures (two of each flavour): £12.80 (£1.60 per canister)

As always, all prices quoted include postage. We do not charge for postage to the UK mainland.

As with the Strawberries & Cream Recovery, we’ll let you know when this is online too.