TORQ & ZeroPoint

TORQ has always had great race teams ever since its inception in 2003 and, along the way, we have picked up some pretty amazing sponsors – some of whom are still with us today.  We realise that without our sponsors, our teams would find it much harder to be able to compete at the highest, Elite levels, that they do, and we never forget their kindness and generosity in helping us achieve the great results that we do.

We periodically review the products of our sponsors, as we use their kit all of the time in our racing and training, and on this occasion, we’ll be looking at ZeroPoint Compression, which has supported the TORQ Running & Triathlon teams across 2015.
ZERO POINT was founded in 2009 in Finland. Since day one, from its own ‘Zero Point’, the target has always been to provide the best products for all athletes. “The name ‘ZERO POINT’ stands for the ideology that the work/effort starts anew each day and not from the beginning, but from where we stand at the moment.”
We know as athletes, our training and racing might be scheduled and planned, however, each new scheduled or planned session has to start from somewhere – so I guess that this is our own individual Zero Point.
Our teams have been lucky enough to have been using Zero Point Compression wear over the last 6 months and have predominantly been using the following items: Long Compression Socks for during and after activity, Ankle Socks for during activity, Calf Sleeves for during activity.
From a personal note, the first impression I got when I saw the garments, was just how physically light they were, that they were very aesthetically pleasing due mostly to their intricate, multi-zone knit pattern (essential for zoning the compression of the garment), and the fact that although they do have colours, they were not garish in design. Straight out of the box they felt like a quality, fit for purpose product, without all the associated marketing bumph and claims that normally come with this type of product.  I’m guessing that this is down to the honesty of the Finnish owners, and certainly the honesty vibe also runs true with TORQ.
I personally opted for the Long Active Compression Socks in white and also the Ankle Socks in black. From the first run out in the long sock, which was a 5k Cross-Country loop, the difference over other brands was noticeable immediately. I felt very much planted on the ground and very stable; I found the return/recovery from my stride was assisted and felt very light on my feet (which for me, at 89kg, is not a feeling I get often!). I also run very regularly in the ankle sock, which to be fair, was designed to be used in conjunction with the Calf-Sleeve, however, I find it just a very light, thin and supportive sock to wear – and especially as I run predominantly off-road over sand dunes and beaches. I don’t want anything too thick, heavy, or that is going to collect sand, which I find happens with thicker or anti-blister type of socks. 
One of our Triathletes, Eleanor Haresign, has also been using ZeroPoint Compression Socks during her training and racing. Here’s a small account from her and her view as to the quality and effectiveness of the garments.
Photo credit to Gillian Coull
“These are the 3rd brand of compression socks I have ever worn and I feel that by far they are the best. I have particularly narrow ankles, so often I find that socks, whilst tight enough around the calf bulk, do not continue to offer adequate compression lower down. However, I find these ones great and that is really important to me at the moment whilst, I am suffering with an ankle injury. I really need that support on the ‘tibialis anteria’ attachment and on the flexor hallucis longis, where it travels up around the ankle.
Last weekend I raced at Ironman Wales, knowing I would be unable to complete the run. I made sure to protect my calf and ankle using the Zero Point Calf Sleeves, which came down low enough to give the front of my ankle some support and, if nothing else, warmth!  I’ve never used calf guards in a race and they were extremely comfy – forgot I was wearing them!”
The TORQ Running & Triathlon Teams can certainly vouch for the effectiveness and comfort of the Zero Point brand of compression wear, and we’ll look forward to hopefully extending our relationship with them into 2016. 
For more information on Zero Point and the other products they produce, please visit and check out their entire range. They can also be followed on Twitter @zpcompression and also on Facebook.