TORQ Zwift Rides

Join the TORQ Zwift community! We are an entirely inclusive club of Zwifters who choose to ride indoor turbo trainers or smart bikes for a range of different reasons. Whether your goals are to maximise your performance, lose weight or just Zwift along with some like-minded people, please come and join us.

TORQ will be hosting a 45-minute group ride every Thursday at 6pm UK time. It’s an informal gathering led by one of TORQ’s coaches and we may even occasionally throw out a post-ride discount code or offer as a thank you for being a TORQ Zwifter and joining us for the ride.

TORQ rides will be a strictly “no drop rides” which will keep everyone together. We will throw some interval efforts in after a good warm up to keep the sessions interesting, but you don’t have to do them, and the no-drop function will keep us all together however hard you’re pedalling. Some of our rides will be hilly, while others will be flat. Whatever the route, the goal remains the same, we all stay together!

Of course, with TORQ being famous for our range of Performance Nutrition and rich history of Fitness Consultancy, our coaches are happy to help you to understand the answers to any questions you might have on these subjects. You can ask freely within the in-ride chat feature.

Instructions: How to join!

Joining one of TORQ’s Zwift meetups is simple. All you need to do is follow the steps below;

  1. Subscribe to Zwift and create an account if you haven’t done so already.
  2. Ensure you have the Zwift Companion App downloaded.
  3. Follow “TORQ Coach” on Zwift Companion.
  4. In order to join one of our TORQ Rides, our TORQ account “TORQ Coach” will need to follow you and you will need to follow TORQ Coach.
  5. If you have your privacy settings set as private, please allow “TORQ Coach” to follow you back after we send you a request. This will allow us to send you an invite to the Weekly TORQ group ride.
  6. Wait for TORQ Rider to send you a “Meet Up” request 48 hours before the meet-up.
  7. If you wish to complete the TORQ’s advertised ride, accept the meet-up request.
  8. Join us on the start line 5 minutes before the ride commences.
  9. Fuel well, and don’t forget your drinks bottle!
  10. Lastly, support others and give plenty of “Ride-Ons”!

A Cautionary Note: Should you experience any software or connection based issues whilst trying to join a TORQ ride on Zwift, please contact Zwift customer support.

If you have any questions about this article or any other subject, please don’t hesitate in contacting us at or phone 0344 332 0852.

We’re looking forward to riding with you…