TORQ’s Juice Lube Encounter…

My old Mum always warned me about strange men bearing gifts, but I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my front door and found Luke Humphreys, from Juice Lubes standing there armed with two team issue pit boxes filled with the full range of their products. 

I first met Luke and his business partner, Will Miles, at the Cycle Show back in October. They approached us asking if we were looking for a lube sponsor and sent us a large box of samples, which we promptly dispatched to the guys for rigorous testing in the closed season.

The response, from the guys, was all very good.   Juice Lubes offer a comprehensive range of products from Fork Juice (which doubles up as a frame cleaner and it doesn’t leave a greasy residue), Brake Cleaner, Dirt Juice which, undiluted acts as a degreaser and diluted 10-1 is a bike cleaner, a new product called “Baring Grease” and not forgetting their chain lubes, a ceramic lube, a wet lube and the new Viking Lube which, I’m reliably informed, was developed with the help of Magnus Backstedt.

For a relatively new company they have an impressive selection of products.  For the team Juice Lubes offer the complete package and we would like to thank them for their support.  Good luck for the future!