Tour de France

We would like to wish TORQ Fuelled Jasper Stuyven the very best of luck in this year’s Tour de France, which of course kick’s off today.

Jasper started racing when he was 12, became Belgium National Champion when he was 16, was World Champion as a junior in 2009. He also won the U19 Paris-Roubaix in 2010 and won a Vuelta stage in 2015 as a Pro.

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One of Jasper’s reasons for choosing TORQ products (and he does choose to – it’s not our policy to product place with athletes) is because:

“I have noticed throughout the years how important nutrition is and also that my body needs the electrolytes, even during mild conditions. And with TORQ and the Fuelling System I know exactly how to get the right amount of nutrition in.”

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To understand our sponsorship and ambassador policy, which is to partner with athletes who really love our products, click HERE. We are not an official sponsor to Jasper or his team – he simply chooses to use TORQ products.

Enjoy Le Tour…