VAT Countdown

Whilst ‘Pasty Tax’ took the limelight in the press, the government snuck in ‘Sports Nutrition Tax’ and still many of our customers are simply unaware. The implications are that all energy and recovery drink preparations will be subject to VAT from 1st October (10 days time), which will add 20% to the cost of these products.

We have published various articles on the subject through this website over the last few months and despite hefty petition signing, our concerns have fallen of deaf ears.  Check the articles listed below to follow our campaign:

We feel that the tax is grossly immoral. A 20% tax on products that encourage a healthy lifestyle, reducing the burden on the National Health Service and making products like ours less accessible to elite athletes who are always on a tight budget. It’s quite staggering that the government would follow through with this in light of our Olympic success, whilst u-turning on ‘Pasty Tax’ and making it easier for the nation to eat rubbish.

In our letter to the government, we highlighted our concerns and provided them with the links to the articles on our website listed above, to which we had the following reply (it’s addressed to Daniel, because that’s the name of our MP):

We have today written back to the government with one final letter:

“Dear David,

It is with deep regret that you have chosen to ignore the concerns of businesses like ours and our loyal, enthusiastic, optimistic and healthy customers. Customers who typically provide less of a burden to the NHS than the rest of the less physically active population, customers with a focus and drive in life that keeps them honest, hard working and an asset to this country and customers who have been the pride of the nation at the Olympics.

These customers represent a very small percentage of the population, so collectively they don’t have a voice, unlike the swathe of pasty-eaters that forced you to u-turn on your decision a few months back. There’s no morality here and despite the rhetoric on proposed government investment in UK sport over the coming years, the decision makes no sense and shows a lack of joined-up thinking from a 21st century government.

The UK and global economy are in a mess and in every walk of life you are trying to claw back the deficit. We do see this as necessary and understand that sacrifices need to be made, but there are more effective ways to fund raise than by implementing a tax on healthy people. Not just a tax, a 20% tax! If you taxed cakes and biscuits at 1%, which by 21st century standards are NOT healthy, you would raise significantly more money than you will ever achieve by taxing sports nutrition. If you wanted to clear up the ‘confusion’ in the sports nutrition market, you should have made it all zero-rated to encourage healthy pursuits in the UK and levy a tiny tax on unhealthy foods that no one would even notice.

Clearly we are deeply disappointed and I can’t imagine this will be the last letter you’ll get, as many of our customers are still simply unaware that this tax is going to be implemented, even with days to go.

Healthy regards,

Matt Hart”

The upshot is ladies and gentlemen – ALL sports nutrition energy and recovery drinks will be going up in price by 20% from 1st October, so we suggest that you stock up now! Here’s a link to our online shop: