New TORQ Products

We realise that this is very late notice, but consistent with every product launch we’ve ever had (we use the Cycle Show at the NEC every year to launch our new products) the deadline became so tight that we didn’t want to announce that we were launching anything until we had the packaging in our hands!


Anyway, we’ve never missed a deadline and it’s always been tight – just not quite as tight as this! So, what are the new products?

The picture above shows the label design and nutritionals for our brand new TORQ Recovery Plus+ product (discussed further on), but we’re also launching a new flavour of our standard TORQ recovery and we’re confident that it’s the first ‘refreshing’ recovery drink ever brought to market. How have we made it refreshing? Well we’ve fortified real yoghurt powder with Maltodextrin, Fructose, Whey Protein Isolate, D-Ribose, L-Glutamine, Vitamins and Minerals and used a natural Mandarin flavour. Yes, we’ve made TORQ Mandarin Yoghurt Recovery and although it will be available for purchase from our online store on Monday, if you can get along to the Cycle Show at the NEC, you’ll not only get a show discount, but you’ll be able to save on the 20% VAT that’s going onto all energy and recovery drink products on Monday. If you’re confused and want to know more about the impending VAT scandal, click on the link below:


Does the label look familiar? Well, don’t be mistaken – yes it does look very similar to our Chocolate Orange label, but we’ve actually phased-out the Chocolate Orange, leaving the more popular Chocolate Mint. TORQ Recovery Mandarin Yoghurt has now jumped into the shoes of Chocolate Orange and we think it’ll be hugely popular.

Now, the next bit is important, because our standard TORQ Recovery recipe has changed slightly to accommodate the other new product we’re launching – TORQ Recovery Plus+. This new product isn’t a superior version of the standard TORQ Recovery product, it has a totally different role and works alongside our standard TORQ Recovery as part of a comprehensive recovery system.

What we’ve done is removed the HMB from the standard TORQ recovery recipe, because this nutrient works best when taken on a daily basis in split doses during high load training and we felt that many people who use TORQ recovery intermittently after hard sessions or races are paying for a nutrient that isn’t working optimally for them. D-Ribose and L-Glutamine, the other micronutrients in TORQ Recovery will have an immediate and potent effect on recovery/immune system enhancement though, so these obviously stay.

So, TORQ Recovery Plus+ contains HMB, providing the natural anabolic and anti-catabolic benefits that we’ve always shouted about. It also contains Beta-Alanine and Sodium Phosphate, which are both linked to buffering lactic acid, which aids the recovery, training and adaptation of the anaerobic system. Early next week we’ll have all the facts about this product online as soon as we get it into the online shop. The formulation is presented to you as Hot Cocoa and if we may say so ourselves, it tastes pretty darn good. By combining the performance benefits of Beta-Alanine and Sodium phosphate with the anabolic qualities of HMB, we believe we’ve made the performance nutrition equivalent of dynamite!

We will furnish you with further details next week, because you’ll need to fully understand how to use TORQ Recovery Plus+ in conjunction with TORQ Recovery to get the best effects and value for money, but at least you now know what it’s basically about. It’s really important to understand that TORQ Recovery and TORQ Recovery Plus+ have very different roles in the recovery process and they’re designed to be used together during periods of high intensity training/racing stress.

Both of these products will be available for tasting (and for sale) at the Cycle Show this weekend at the NEC. For further information, visit

If you can’t make it, please check our site out next week – TORQ Recovery Plus+ isn’t even in tubs yet!