White Christmas in Snowdonia.

What an adrenalin rush – Mountain Biking in the snow! You’ve got to keep the bike upright though, because the slightest lean will take you off, but point you’re trusty steed in a straight line across a virgin snow field and you can hit 40 – no problem! I found this novel pursuit so inspirational that amusingly I found myself humming the ‘Ski Sunday’ anthem aloud as I carved my way through the thick white powder. Whatever turns you on I suppose?

One could say that my Christmas trip to the in-laws this year has served a dual purpose. Of course there’s the great company and the turkey and alcohol thing, but in addition to these, a few reconnoitering opportunity’s also presented themselves (in aid of TORQ’s 2002 Fitness Weekends). I don’t know whether there’ll be snow happening for the first trip of the year at the end of January, but I know now that if there is, it certainly won’t cramp our style. After all, even if it’s freezing cold, there’s always the prospect of a hot shower and endless cups of tea in the hotel on our return.

I’ve checked out a breathtaking new route in Beddgelert that offers a bit of everything. Forestry tracks form 70 percent of the route, but much of the woodland has been removed, so you get a real feeling of being right up in the mountains. There’s also a 3-mile technical and entirely rideable climb that takes you some of the way up the foothills of Snowdon to an old quarry circle. This is real Mountain Biking believe me!

If I have wetted your appetite somewhat, there are a few places left on the weekend of 25th – 27th January, so hit the enquiries button on the tool bar below, or give me a call if you’re interested. The second 2002 camp will be run in May/June, but I haven’t secured a date as yet. I’ll keep you posted on this. Full details on the format of these weekends can be found on this site under the fitness weekends section.

I’ll be publishing the full itinerary for the January weekend in the next few days, but until then – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.