Winter Cold & Flu Warning!

The media have been warning of higher than normal rates of colds and flu this winter as well as more virulent strains of these particular viruses.

A news story from the BBC last month suggests that a surge in flu and other respiratory viruses could put pressure on people’s health and the NHS this winter, according to a report submitted by 29 leading experts. It says that there is great uncertainty about what the next few months will hold across the UK and urges policymakers to prepare for a challenging winter.

The BBC report says:

“During lockdown last winter, the UK population was hardly exposed to the viruses which normally circulate. But they are now set to make a comeback as restrictions lift and society opens up. Already this summer, there has been a rise in winter viruses in children coming to A&E.

The scientists leading the report suggest that in a worst case scenario, hospital admissions could be double the usual rates, putting the NHS under similar stain to it experienced last winter when the pandemic was in full swing.

To combat the impact of increased cold & flu rates, another BBC report claims that the NHS is planning the largest ever winter flu vaccine rollout. Only this weekend however, it was reported in The Independent that logistical issues have already delayed these plans and vaccines will only be offered to certain ‘vulnerable’ categories within the UK population.

And as if an increase in colds and flu wasn’t enough, reports of increased incidence of Noravirus, the vomiting bug have also been reported recently by the BBC with growing concern raised for the winter period.

The isolation we have all experienced over the last 18 months or so has left our immune systems more vulnerable than usual to infection, simply because we’ve reduced the chances of infection from all bugs in the environment significantly by mask-wearing and improved personal hygiene. This in turn has left our immune systems ‘untested’ meaning that we don’t have the levels/variety of antibodies to fight infection that we would usually enjoy. In addition, most people have experienced lower than normal levels of sunlight, leaving them deficient in Vitamin D, a vital nutrient for the normal functioning of the immune system.

Now, more than ever, it is vital that you keep your immune system in check and work on a variety of measures to maintain healthy functional immune system support. At the start of the pandemic, we researched this area comprehensively and we strongly advise that you read our Immune System Support Resources, which can be accessed at the following link:

Immune System Support Resources

These resources discuss how well periodised (planned) exercise can strengthen your immune function, how too much exercise can reduce it and how critical the timing of exercise can be. We talk about nutrition in general and how fuelling with carbohydrate during and immediately after exercise helps to maintain robust immune function. We also talk about specific supplements/micronutrients which have been found to assist in the normal functioning of the immune system as well as supplements you can take at the first signs of cold or flu to reduce the symptoms and duration of illness.

It was as a result of us delving into the science of immunity that we developed our range of Immune System Support products. As with all things TORQ, we have systemised our approach to immune system supplementation to keep the messaging simple and the results optimal. The 20-second video below summarises the three products we have created and how they work together:

YouTube video

We have also created this Quick Guide to help you understand clearly and simply which products to take and when.

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