Quick Guide: TORQ Immune Support Products

Our Immune System Support range of products have been developed on the back of hours of research, all of which is explained in detail on this website. Here we cut to the chase and explain in a few easy steps, when to take these products and how they can help you.

If you’re really short for time, watch this 20-second video – there are 3 easy steps:

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STEP 1: Prime your immune defences by taking a TORQ dFND ULTRA (red label) tablet every day for 90 days. Each tablet contains an ultra-high dose of Vitamin D3 along with a potent dose of Zinc. Research has demonstrated that taking this high dose (4000iu) of Vitamin D3 for 2 to 3 months raises even the lowest pools of Vitamin D within the body to where they should be – at a level that contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system. Zinc is essential for the normal functioning of the immune system too, although it doesn’t require the pre-loading process that Vitamin D3 does. Due to lack of sunlight exposure and dietary inadequacies, most people have heavy deficiencies in both Vitamin D and Zinc.

Prime your immune system with TORQ dFND ULTRA (red label). Available as a single 90-day course of tablets. Each tablet contains 4000iu Vitamin D3 (2000% NRV*) and 15mg Zinc (156% NRV).

* NRV = Nutritional Reference Value (similar to RDA – Recommended Daily Allowance).

STEP 2: Maintain the normal functioning of your immune system by taking a regular TORQ dFND (blue label) tablet every day ongoing. This daily tablet contains high-strength Vitamin D3 and maintains the 15mg dose of Zinc previously taken. Vitamin D3 is reduced to a quarter of the strength provided in dFND ULTRA (red label), yet is still 5 X the minimum daily recommendation. Continuing to take the ultra-high dose of Vitamin D3 present in dFND ULTRA after the 90-day course is not advisable. Too much Vitamin D can be toxic over time and you would incur unnecessary expense.

Maintain your immune defences with TORQ dFND (blue label). Available in bottles of 180 and 360 tablets. Each tablet contains 1000iu Vitamin D3 and 15mg Zinc.

STEP 3: Attack colds and flu using TORQ aTAC. Each dose of TORQ aTAC contains 1000mg Vitamin C, 1000mg Glutamine and 500mg Echinacea Root and there are 28 doses per pack. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, our immune system can be breached. Having a healthy normally functioning immune system can reduce the chance of infection, and help in the fight against it, should it occur. TORQ aTAC’s mega-dosing protocol has been designed to support the immune system in fighting infection by stabilising the cells of the body, making them less vulnerable to infection as well as providing nutrients and energy whilst appetite may be suppressed. Research has proven that mega-dosing with Vitamin C, Glutamine and Echinacea will reduce the symptoms and duration of colds and flu.

Attack colds and flu with TORQ aTAC. Available in two flavours (Orange and Lime), each pack containing 28 servings – enough to complete the advised 5-day mega-dosing protocol. Each serving contains 1000mg Vitamin C, 1000mg Glutamine and 500mg Echinacea.

If there hasn’t been enough information for you in this whistle-stop tour, take a look at the following pages on our website where we discuss the components of each product in detail:

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It’s also important that we emphasise that your exercise habits, timing of exercise and fuelling practices impact your immune system. Immune System Support isn’t just about taking supplements – you can learn more at any time by clicking HERE.

Look after yourselves and if you have any questions about this article or anything else on our website, don’t hesitate in contacting us at enquiries@torqfitness.co.uk or phone 0344 332 0852.