Event Day 3 & Technical Information

Need we tell you that Day 3 is like Groundhog Day again? Stick with the routine and let’s use this as an opportunity to discuss a few technical details that are likely to lead you to a better performance during your stage race.

Our Recovery Drink has been mentioned a couple of times during this article. You can of course use any off-the-shelf recovery drink but make sure that it’s 3:1 Carbohydrate to Protein with the protein coming from Whey (the best) or Pea if you’re vegan. Other proteins are not absorbed and utilised as quickly. Other than our use of whey and pea protein in our recovery drinks, there are some other reasons why you might want to choose TORQ over some of the other brands that are out there.

Firstly, TORQ Recovery Drinks contain both Ribose and Glutamine and this is very unique to our brand (also available separately as TORQ BULQ products). For more information about both of these potent micronutrients, click on the links in the text. Ribose works at a cellular level to replenish ATP, the energy currency of the cell. It’s manufactured by the human body from glucose, but it’s a long process, so supplementing with it in its raw form boosts cellular recovery by around 400%. Glutamine is an amino acid, which although hugely abundant in the human body, becomes a very important fuel source for the major organs of the body, which tend to get worked-over when you exercise. Immediately after exercise you’ll break down muscle protein to release glutamine into your bloodstream to fuel this demand. By consuming Glutamine immediately after exercise, you protect your muscles from this cannibalisation by providing an alternative source for your organs to use, so it really is an important nutrient to include. Glutamine supplementation protects your muscles after exercise. Not all recovery drinks are the same. Do your research and expect a clear and precise explanation of why ingredients have been included and don’t take anyone’s word for it unless they present you with the research references. We always will (see references list at the end of this article).

If you’ve spent a while reading this article and watching the videos, we’re sure you’ve got time to watch one more. There are elements of the TORQ Recovery System, which will really strike a chord with you in relation to stage racing or multi-day events, so please watch it and see what you think:


You will have noticed that a product called TORQ Recovery Plus was mentioned toward the end of the video. If you’re really serious about your racing and performance, you should consider using this product in the month leading up to your event and continue taking it throughout. It’s a highly functional product and combined with the practices discussed in this article, it really is the icing on the cake.

We also sell both Beta-Alanine and HMB (the 2 active compounds in TORQ Recovery Plus) separately under our BULQ Nutrition range, so you can purchase them in bulk and it will work out more economical on price.

For Stage Racing in particular, the HMB nutrient is exceptional. It is a metabolite of the amino acid leucine and has incredible muscle repair and strengthening properties – almost an insurance policy for your muscles to keep them on the road during your event. For further information on HMB, click HERE.

Beta-Alanine becomes really useful if there is a high intensity requirement from your multi-day event. Usually if intensity is involved, the stages will be shorter, like our stage race in Lanzarote. Beta-Alanine supplementation during longer stage races or events where you’re spending many hours in the saddle is likely to offer little or no benefit. For more information on Beta-Alanine, click HERE.

Your choices are to use either TORQ Recovery Plus, or at the very least, TORQ HMB from our BULQ range. We’re not going to pretend that HMB in its raw form tastes nice (it really doesn’t), but mix it with some fruit juice and tip it down your neck – your legs will thank you.