20 Years of TORQ

Although perhaps better-known for our cutting-edge Performance Nutrition products, did you know that TORQ has been a cutting-edge Fitness Consultancy since 1999 and one of the reasons we originally called ourselves TORQ was because successful coaching and consultancy requires extemporary communication.

This involves a lot of talking, or as we tend to call it ‘TORQing’. Another reason we called ourselves TORQ is because every single human movement comes about as a result of a torque or combination of torques (torque is the name for a rotational force) at the various joints within the body. The direction of travel might be straight in a particular sport, but behind that movement is always from a whole series of rotations. Of course, our obsession with the sport of cycling might have had something to do with it too – there’s a lot of rotation going on there!

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If it wasn’t for our deep passion and determination to get every ounce of performance out of the human body, we would never have been motivated to produce the finest, most research-supported and nutritionally pure performance nutrition in the world, so it was definitely a good place to start.

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